Update Firmware Ruckus ZoneDirector แล้วขึ้นข้อความ Error หน้า Config

จุดประกายโดย: Customer Satisfaction Department Team เขียนเมื่อ 2014-10-30 16:10:27

คำถาม: ทำไม เมื่อทำการ update Firmware Contorller แล้วขึ้นข้อความดังนี้ครับ “A support upgrade entitlement does not appear to have been purchased for this ZD, Please contact Ruckus Support further assistance.“มันคืออะไรครับ?

คำตอบ:  เมื่อทำการ update Firmware แล้วเกิดข้อความสีแดงดังรูป



ข้อ ความดังกล่าว เป็นการเช็ค support supscription หากว่า Zone Director ทำการเชื่อมต่อ internet ก็จะทำการ update ให้ อัตโนมัติครับ ตามข้อความอ้างอิงดังนี้ครับ


Ruckus Support Contract Entitlement Check in Ruckus OS 9.8


  • Here is why you will see the message?

We've learned that many customers are unaware that their support contracts either have lapsed, were never purchased, or have purchased support which has not yet been activated. The concept of verifying whether the Zone Director (ZD) has an active Support Contract was introduced in the ZoneFlex 9.8 release. The ZD will remotely connect to a Ruckus’ Entitlement Server and retrieve an "Entitlement File". The ZD must be connected to the Internet to automatically retrieve the file or the User has the option to manually retrieve and import. The "Entitlement File" has the information as to whether ZD has active/expired Support Contract. If this “Entitlement File” is missing in ZD or if the existing file states that support contract is expired or about to expire within 90 days then the above message will appear on ZD’s Web User Interface screen.


  • Is this going to have any impact on ZD’s operating functionality or client devices’ WiFi access?

 No, there will not be any impact to WiFi network or ZD’s functionality because of this message. However, if customer’s ZDdisplays this message, as shown in the message, our support team’s strong recommendation is to contact Ruckus Support to take care of it.  Starting with Ruckus OS 9.9 customers will not be able to upgrade to new code branches without having a Support Contract in place.


  • How can you remove this message? 

If a Customer wants to “remove” this message, a Support Contract will have to be activated, or renewed, or purchased. It is not possible to disable this message via any “ZD commands”. Hospitality Brands and Partners should see if they can take advantage of Ruckus HSP Hospitality Watchdog Program.




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