What is New in Kerio Connect 8.4.0

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Latest version: 8.4.0

Released on:Dec 3 2014

Please read the Release History.

Introducing Kerio Connect 8.4

Kerio Connect client performance improvements

Kerio Connect client comes with a substantial performance and stability improvements, particularly on slow networks. New messages and updates are pushed instantly to the client.

Accepting and reaccepting events

Users can now add comments when accepting or declining event requests. They can also change their mind easily.

Read about the new event invitations in our Knowledge Base: Using calendars in Kerio Connect client

New reminders

Reminders in Kerio Connect client have been redesigned.

Read about the new reminders in our Knowledge Base: Enabling notifications in Kerio Connect.

New sharing in Kerio Connect client

Kerio Connect client has a brand new dialog for sharing email, calendar, contact, note and task folders. The dialog now contains photos and is better arranged.

When users display (subscribe to) folders shared with them, Kerio Connect displays the folder hierarchy, not only a flat tree.

Read about the new sharing in our Knowledge Base: Sharing in Kerio Connect client.

Spam settings in Kerio Connect client

In Kerio Connect client settings, you can adjust your spam settings. You can create whitelist of email address which are never regarded as spammers.

Read more about spam settings in our Knowledge Base: Spam settings in Kerio Connect client

Adding hyperlinks to text

When writing a message, you can select a text and add a hyperlink. No more pasting long URLs.

Using address book when composing messages

Users can now open their address book in the message composer and select recipients.

See the article in our Knowledge Base: Sending messages in Kerio Connect client

Kerio Connect Multi-Server Technology Preview

Kerio Connect 8.4 introduces a new deployment option designed for larger on-premises installations, distributed server environments and for Kerio Cloud Solution Partners hosting their own Kerio Connect Cloud environment. Kerio Connect Multi-Server deployment option is a distributed architecture solution, designed for easy scalability. It is first being released as a technology preview in Connect 8.4, with a commercial release expected in 2015.

Learn about the Kerio Connect Multi-Server in our Knowledge Base: Kerio Connect Multi-Server

Exchange ActiveSync

Kerio Connect 8.4 brings a full implementation of Exchange ActiveSync 12.1. This version of Exchange ActiveSync improves the performance of Kerio Connect on mobile devices with Windows Phone and the Mail app on Windows 8.

Changes in System Requirements

Added support

·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 64-bit

·         CentOS 7 64-bit

Discontinued support

·         SUSE and OpenSUSE is no longer supported

·         Windows XP

·         Mac OS X 10.6.7 and older

·         Chrome older than version 31 in Kerio Connect Administration and Kerio Connect client

·         Firefox older than version 23 in Kerio Connect Administration and Kerio Connect client

For more details, read Technical Specifications.


After upgrading to Kerio Connect 8.4, mobile devices will resync all accounts automatically. If the resynchronization fails, recreate your account on the device manually.

After upgrading to Kerio Connect 8.4, some instant messages sent to offline users before or during the server upgrade may be lost.


Kerio Connect 8.4 makes full-text search database incompatible with Kerio Connect 8.3.3 and previous. Complete reindex is automatically performed after server downgrade.

After downgrading from Kerio Connect 8.4, mobile devices will resync all accounts automatically. If the resynchronization fails, recreate your account on the device manually.

Kerio Connect 8.4 instant messaging store is incompatible with the previous version. When you downgrade, delete the folder database (stored in store/xmpp by default. You can also retrieve this folder from previous backups.

Release history

Kerio Connect Release History with a full list of changes is available at http://www.optimus.co.th/Training/OPT-TR-0156


To discuss the new features visit the Kerio Connect forum: forums.kerio.com

To give feedback for the new features, see the Providing feedback for Kerio products article.

Open Source Software Notice

Kerio Connect includes open source software. The complete open source code packages of these components are available in Kerio Software Archive at http://download.kerio.com/archive/.

Legal Notice

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