WatchGuard Fireware v11.9.4 Update

จุดประกายโดย: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. เขียนเมื่อ 2015-01-22 20:12:21

What's New in This Release

Version 11.9.4

  • Authentication Enhancements
    • - Hotspot Enhancements
      • * Create custom hotspot page settings & manage Guest Administrator accounts
      • * Support for Guest Administrators to manage guest user accounts and create custom vouchers
    • - Single Sign-On Event Log Monitor Enhancements
  • HTTPS Proxy Content Inspection based on SNI or WebBlocker Category
    • - Supports SNI (Server Name Indication) to more accurately configure the domains you want to allow, block, or inspect.
    • - More control over the HTTPS sites you want to inspect and the sites you want to bypass.
    • - You can select the WebBlocker categories you want to inspect.
  • Branch Office VPN enhancements
    • - A BOVPN Virtual Interface now supports any interface as the local gateway
    • - New BOVPN Configuration Reports for easier VPN troubleshooting
    • - Renamed “Enable IPSec Pass-through” VPN setting
  • Enable/Disable SSLv3 Option in HTTPS and SMTP Proxy Actions
  • Offline Signature Updates
  • Support for /31 and /32 subnet masks
  • Management Server Enhancements
    • - Change the order of IP addresses in the Distribution IP Address list
  • Monitoring Enhancements
    • - Web UI VPN Statistics page includes statistics for Mobile VPN types on one tab
    • - Clear the WebBlocker cache from Firebox System Manager
  • Support for NAT connections through the SNMP application layer gateway
  • Other Enhancements
  • Support for new Firebox models
    • - Firebox M400
    • - Firebox M500
    • - Fireware XTM OS update


See the download page and read the release notes for more information!



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