WatchGuard WCry 2.0 Potential Ransomworm _Daily Security Byte

จุดประกายโดย: Marketing team เขียนเมื่อ 2017-05-19 00:00:00
A new variant of ransomware has been spreading around the globe like wildfire since Friday. Called WCry 
2.0, WannaCry 2.0, or WannaCryptor 2.0, this new ransomware doesn’t only evade some legacy antivirus 
(AV) controls, but it leverages a recent Windows vulnerability to spread quickly within internal networks. It 
may be the “ransomworm” I predicted for 2017. Watch today’s video to learn more about this virulent new 
By the way, many of WatchGuard’s Firebox defenses can help:
  Our Gateway AntiVirus (GAV) does catch many variants of this new ransomware
  More importantly, APT Blocker’s behavioral detection can catch all seen strains of WCry. We recommend APT blocker as new strains of any malware may temporarily evade GAV.
  Finally, our Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) can catch the NSA leaked vulnerability that this ransomworm uses to spread internally.
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